PhishBarrel is the bodyguard for your inbox. It protects businesses and organizations from phishing email attacks. Please contact us to access the demo and follow us @phishbarrel on twitter.


Anti-Phishing Engine

The PhishBarrel platform was designed to stop phishing emails right from the beginning. Advanced analytics inspect every incoming email for key characteristics and traits to prevent phishing emails from reaching your users.


PhishBarrel features a clean web dashboard, advanced phishing email analytics, end-user alerts, and an Application Programming Interface for bulk data querying.

Cloud Solution

PhishBarrel is hosted completely in the cloud. No more appliances or software updates to manage by your already overwhelmed IT team.

Turn-Key Solution

PhishBarrel can be a completely turn-key solution for your organization. We can also work with your existing IT team to tailor a solution that fits your business and risk model.


  • The beginning

    We started with the question "Why are phishing email attacks still successful?" Current solutions are not working based on the number of breaches traced back to phishing emails and our own experience conducting email-based social engineering as penetration testers.

  • First product demo

    We put together an initial product demo for a multi-billion dollar company in Palo Alto, CA. The company gave us great feedback and suggestions for future revisions.

  • Alpha release is born

    After the first demo, we enhanced the product to showcase more of the PhishBarrel capabilities.

  • Beta released

    We partnered with a company that provides us with a real-time Email data feed to stress test and improve PhishBarrel.Contact us if you are interested in trialing the beta.

  • Be part of our story!

    If you have a unique skillset or are interested in partnering with PhishBarrel, contact us! We are looking for email experts, API developers, Python developers, and malware analysts.

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